Playbill Feature: Now Hear This! The [title of show] Creators Reunite for Now. Here. This.

The [title of show] writers-actors of Broadway’s cult-favorite meta-musical [title of show] draw on their life stories for a new song-filled comedy that asks The Big Questions. Heidi, Hunter, Susan and Jeff explain it all for you.

‘Twas the morning after the night before — that night before being Preview One of Opus Two for the [title of show] gang of four. All of them are busy little B’s: Bell, Bowen, Blackwell and Blickenstaff (hereafter referred to Hunter, Jeff, Susan and Heidi). In The Green Room of The Vineyard Theatre, where the stage is still hot from their latest launching, Now. Here. This., the quartet has assembled for notes — basically, a now-hear-this from another B: their director, Michael Berresse…

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