FAQs for Vineyard Member Booking

If you are a Vineyard Member and have questions about booking your Member tickets to Dana H. or Is This A Room on Broadway, you will find the answers to many of your questions below.

Where will my seats be located? Why can’t I book into specific seats?
Vineyard Members’ seat location options are based on your Membership type. As a Member, you will be seated in the best seats within your requested seating section preference at the time of your reservation. Click here to view the seating chart and to see where your specific Membership type seats are located within the house. You will not be able to request specific seats within those locations, however you will have the opportunity to provide your seating preferences within your requested location during the reservation process. Your specific seat(s) will be determined and confirmed by the Broadway Company Manager who also books House Seats.

Why am I being asked to provide additional dates and times during my booking process?
Best efforts will be made for the primary date and time you have requested, however we are asking for two alternate options in case there are no seats remaining for your first choice date. We encourage all Members to book their tickets before the general public on sale begins on Saturday, August 21 in order to ensure you are likely to get your first preferred choice.

How do I book a wheelchair seat or make other seating preferences known?
You will have the opportunity to indicate your need for a wheelchair seat or other seating preferences (aisle seat, etc.) clear during your checkout process. All wheelchair requests and seating preferences will be made known to the Company Manager before seats are confirmed. If wheelchair seats are not available on the dates requested, we will work with you to find another date to make sure you are accommodated. All other seating preferences are not guaranteed, but best efforts will be made to fulfill your request.

When will my tickets be confirmed?
Confirmations will not be as immediate as you are accustomed to, please allow time for booking. Vintner and Premium Member tickets will be confirmed within 2 business days. All other Member tickets will be confirmed within 5 business days of booking. All requests must be made at least one week in advance of the requested performance date.

How do I book guest tickets? Will my guests be seated next to me?
Guest tickets may be purchased and are guaranteed online or through the box office when booking your Member ticket through August 30th. Any guest tickets booked during this period will be seated with your Member ticket(s). After August 30th, guest tickets are not guaranteed, and may not be seated with your Member ticket(s). To purchase guest tickets after August 30th, you must email the box office at boxoffice@vineyardtheatre.org.

How do I book tickets to Is This A Room if I have selected Dana H. as my Member ticket (or vice versa)?
If you are not using your guest ticket(s) along with your Member ticket(s) to the first show of your choice, you may use your guest ticket(s) to purchase tickets to the other production. If you have a Membership for Two at any level or are a Vintner Member, you may also use one Member ticket to each show instead of using both Member tickets to the same show.

I am deaf or hard of hearing, will there be assisted listening devices at the theatre?
Listening devices are available at the theatre. Please click here to visit the Shubert Organization’s website for more information.

What are the Covid protocols at the theatre?
The Vineyard will provide reusable masks for all Members outside the theatre before you go in! As of August 16, 2021, vaccinations and masks are required for all patrons entering the theatre for performances through at least October 31, 2021. For more information on protocols at the Lyceum Theatre, please click here to visit the Shubert Organization’s website for more information.

Is there any flexibility in rebooking my seats if a date no longer works for me or I have a Covid-related experience that will keep me from the theatre?
Yes. Vineyard Members have access to the same exchange policies as general Shubert Theatre single ticket patrons for Is This A Room and Dana H.. Current policy as of August 16, 2021 is as follows, “Buy now for any performance through January 17, 2022, and you can either refund your tickets or exchange into any other date, until two hours before the performance. You may exchange an order up to three times and refund once per show per month.”

Still have questions? Please contact our Box Office at boxoffice@vineyardtheatre.org.

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