(Co-Composer & Co-Music Director, Musician) is a Grammy Award-winning musician known as violinist, vocalist and composer for the Klezmatics and her work on Sting’s THE LAST SHIP. She has appeared in “Sex and the City,” Hava Nagila (The Movie), The Klezmatics: On Holy Ground, and SEEING IS BELIEVING by Dutch choreographer Maggie Boogaart. Compositions include the score for Mabou Mines’ multi-ethnic folk opera SONG FOR NEW YORK: WHAT WOMEN DO WHILE MEN SIT KNITTING, and songs with lyrics by Woody Guthrie, Maggie Dubris and Anne Sexton. She performs with an array of artists and has appeared on “The Conan O’Brien Show,” “Prairie Home Companion,” and “Mountain Stage.”
Lisa has an instructional DVD called “Play Klezmer Fiddle!” and will soon release the first of three collections of new songs and compositions.

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