(Otto Hurley) Broadway: AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY (Charlie Akin), ROSE. Off-Broadway: Adam Rapp’s AMERICAN SLIGO, and THE METAL CHILDREN (Vineyard Theatre), ESSENTIAL SELF-DEFENSE, STONE COLD DEAD SERIOUS, TRUEBLINKA. Quincy Long’s PEOPLE BE HEARD, THE JOY OF GOING SOMEWHERE DEFINITE, THE LIVELY LADD. Sam Shepard’s THE LATE HENRY MOSS, CURSE OF THE STARVING CLASS. Chris Durang’s BETTY’S SUMMER VACATION, THE MARRIAGE OF BETTE AND BOO, SEX AND LONGING. Anne Marie Healy’s NOW THAT’S WHAT I CALL A STORM. Wm. Hauptman’s HEAT, DOMINO COURTS, THE DURANGO FLASH. Neena Beeber’s HARD FEELINGS. Film: Henry’s Crime, Taking Chance, The Savages, Walker Payne, Blackbird, Streamers (Golden Lion Award, Venice Film Festival) Ticket To Heaven, Sister Act, Jagged Edge, Body Double and others.

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