"The Vineyard’s faith in artists is greater than the artists’ faith in themselves."
—Tony Award nominated playwright Craig Lucas


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Quotes on The Vineyard



“The Vineyard has the longevity and track record of a theatre three times its size. Hardly a season goes by without the company’s producing a popular or critical success.”

“Vineyard Theatre may be the least well-known successful theater company in New York.”

“They’re widely admired and respected by everybody.”

– Don Shewey, The New York Times


“At the top of the list for serious theatregoers is the Vineyard Theatre.”

“It’s produced a string of creative hits.”

– Gary Lee, The Washington Post


“A consistently excellent theatre…the Vineyard is invaluable.”


“Vineyard Theatre expands the audience’s horizons with each nervy production.”

– Jan Stuart, Newsday


“Favorite: Vineyard Theatre. Adequate legroom and comfortable seats have their place, but only when combined with memories of great shows does a venue become truly extraordinary. As a performer, I’d want my ashes scattered over the downstairs space at P.S.122, but as a reviewer, the Vineyard Theatre has most consistently given me unforgettable evenings: Nicky Silver’s plays, Avenue Q, Brutal Imagination, How I Learned to Drive, The Scottsboro Boys. Their production history makes me wish I’d seen everything.”

– James Hannaham, The Village Voice


“I’m so proud to be even tangentially connected to an institution, and to my thinking perhaps the institution, that makes theater that thinks, that matters, that tries to soar.”

– Nicky Silver, Playwright(The Lyons, Pterodactyls, Raised in Captivity)

“The Vineyard’s faith in artists is greater than the artists’ faith in themselves. At The Vineyard, writers never get a note telling them, ‘nail down those laughs.’ They are asked instead ‘what do you feel in your heart? What do you want to express?’ It is no wonder that Pulitzers, Obies and every other conceivable award pile up at their feet, alongside the undying loyalty of the artists who have worked there and will continue to work there as long as they’ll have us.”

– Craig Lucas, Playwright(The Dying Gaul, The Light in the Piazza, Reckless)