BILLY & RAY review quotes

“A smartly humorous, suspenseful production!”

-Jennifer Farrar, Associated Press

“A highly amusing, highly polished comedy!”

-David Finkle, Huffington Post

“The ever-reliable Larry Pine, lately of “Casa Valentina,” is very fine as Chandler. Vincent Kartheiser is energetic and likable.”

–Terry Teachout, Wall Street Journal

“A continuously entertaining and engaging play about collaboration, compromise, and compassion!”

–Casey Curtis, Front Row Center

“Billy & Ray is an entertaining historical recreation of a true Hollywood story.”

–Victor Gluck,

“Endearing and funny!

Sophie Von Haselberg has inherited both the looks and the brilliant comic timing of her mother, Bette Midler. Meanwhile, Broadway musical star Drew Gehling proves that he doesn’t need to sing to shine as Wilder’s frustrated producer.”
– Brian Scott Lipton, Citi Tour


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