"Vineyard Theatre is one of the great Off-Broadway incubators of new American plays and musicals."

Our Team


108 East 15th Street | New York, NY  10003
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Douglas Aibel

Artistic Director

Sarah Stern

Artistic Director
Direct line: 646-931-4715
Office line: 212.353.3366 x1-215

Suzanne Appel

Managing Director
Direct line: 646-931-4713
Office line: 212.353.3366 x1-213

DR Theatrical Management

General Management

Dennis Hruska

Director of Business Affairs
Direct line: 646-931-4737
Office line: 212.353.3366 x1-237

Melissa L. Pelkey

Director of Marketing
Direct line: 646-931-4714
Office line: 212.353.3366 x1-214

Kaila Stokes

Digital Marketing & Content Manager
Direct line: 646-931-4738
Office line: 212.353.3366 x1-1238

Trent Anderson

Director of Development 
Direct line: 646-931-4727
Office line: 212.353.3366 x1-227


Penn Genthner

Director of Institutional Advancement
Direct line: 646-931-4727
Office line: 212.353.3366 x1-227

Adrian White

Director of Production
Direct line: 646-931-4739
Office line: 212.353.3366 x1-239


David Mangiamele

Audience Services Manager
Direct line: 646-931-4711
Office line: 212.353.3366 x1-211

Latrice Smith

Assistant Producer
Direct line: 646-931-4718
Office line: 212.353.3366 x1-218


Miriam Weiner

Literary Manager
Direct line: 646-931-4725
Office line: 212.353.3366 x1-225

Glenn Davis

Artistic Associate


Onastasia Ebright

Development Fellow
Direct line: 646-931-4719
Office line: 212.353.3366 x1-219

David Andrew Laws

Education Director
Direct line: 646-931-4718
Office line: 212.353.3366 x1-218


Carol Rosegg



Shane Marshall Brown
and Nina M. Ward

The Press Room
Direct line: 212.763.7724

David Berlin, Esq.

Schreck Rose Dapello & Adams, LLP


Henry Russell Bergstein, CSA

Casting Director


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