New York Times Feature: A Long Path to SOMEWHERE FUN

Jenny-Schwartz-nytBy Eric Grode

Jenny Schwartz is a playwright who loves workshops.

For anyone familiar with the protracted way most plays are developed today, that is a jarring position, akin to a Nascar driver who loves pit stops or a corpse who loves purgatory.

Like those other way stations, closed-door workshops are where progress that allows for bigger and better things is made. But for Ms. Schwartz, whose play “Somewhere Fun” opens Tuesday at the Vineyard Theater, getting there appears to be at least half the fun.

“I get to a point pretty quickly where I find myself stuck until I hear it in a workshop,” Ms. Schwartz said at the Midtown offices of New Dramatists, one of several arts organizations that has offered her support — including workshop space — to create “Somewhere Fun” and an earlier play, “God’s Ear” (2007), which had a development process of roughly two years.

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